So, no suprise but I decided to try to join this RP. I've been looking through the Unions and I am thinking about joining in on what is called Grand Bolivarian Union of South America. I decided to do some fidling on these "districts/regions/states". I've created a map inspired by the United African Initative, it shows 4 regions with a capitol region (I was unsure if a capitol region was nessarssary, but I decided to do it anyway). I'm also making a proposal to change the name of the Union; I'm not saying it's irrelavent, but having Brazil, Argentinia, and Chile, it just doesn't make that much sense. After some hard thinking I came up with the name Grand Union of South Latin America Entities. Just as long as the original name, I find this to make the Union feel more calm and uniting rather then a Bolivarian dictadorship.


Heres a flag that I have founded on the internet, I edited a bit to allow most of the South American nation's national colors to be represented on here.

SA Flag
Sadly Peru just wasn't relavent enother to be on the flag, more or less I didn't have enother space to put on it. There was no tri-color for Brazil, so I just striped the modern flag's colors and pasted it on there. I tried to implement some of the national emblems into one. One being the Burgundy cross, representing all of the Spanish colonies. Another being the Brazilian Empire's cross, no real meaning; just looks cool. Finally the Sun of Argentina, as the Sun always rises on Latin America. I couldn't put any of the eagles or stars, but I find this very much appealing to the eye.


So my idea for the map was to have 4 main regions as well as a capitol region. As I said before, I was inspired by the United African Initative's map. I forgot to color code it so let me explain all the regions, or what I like to call districts:

 Dark Green : Amazon District

 Sand Red : La Plata District

 Purple : Columbia District

 Bronze : Peru District

 Red : Capitol Region

I could go into depth on what each district produces and how in effects the Union overall, but that can be later for the Union page.

In terms of my requests, I would love to be the Amazon District, any sugguestions would be appreciated