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Physical Map

Djz suggestion1
Moved the discussion here.
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My own suggestion:

An orderly way to do it, is by splitting the map into pieces for each union. These unions then have to build their own parts.

As it is their own union, they will focus mostly on that. If by example one from EF had to build on South America.. Then I believe he would think "whatevaz", and make some bad work.


That seems the natural progression of things Dark, It'd be pretty dumb to let EF people build other peoples stuff. 

Though I thank you for oyur input


How it could be done:

EarthMap(igiul3104s alt) has decals of an earth map, which he cut down in 24 pieces, to increase the decal quality. I recently tried to use some of the decals, and 3-4 of them dosen't want to be put on a brick.

So i suggest doing the same; "cutting a map in smaller pieces". Then make the bricks in size compared to when at the map. Earths decals are Squarish, and thus fits perfect in 100x100, 200x200 or 500x500.(*24)

Another version:

Putting one giant decal to build on.

What would we build?
DarkIvor wrote:

I recently tried to use some of the decals, and 3-4 of them dosen't want to be put on a brick.

I'll try and fix that error with some of the decals, either, on studio they all work.

I don't really get the reason to why they won't work.

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